CryptoOracle Collective Accelerator

An Accelerator program for startups at the intersection of Web3 and AI

Startup Accelerator

What is The Collective Accelerator?

The CryptoOracle Collective has built The Collective Accelerator to address the high demand by startups building solutions at the intersection of Web3 and AI.

The Collective Accelerator is a program which exposes startups to the funding opportunities, community building, extensive expertise and network of The CryptoOracle Collective.

The Accelerator is Co-Lead by Eric Bravick, a 35 year AI veteran, and Head of AI for The Collective, and Lou Kerner, a widely recognized web3 thought leader, and Founder of the Collective.


Accelerator Program

First Cohort Starts April 3rd 2024

Each cohort is limited to 10 projects that are working at the intersection of AI & Web3 focusing on solving one of seven major issues.

The 10 week virtual program includes 30 one hour sessions taught by leaders and experts in AI and Web3.

Each class focuses on a specific area of technology, tokenomics, regulations, branding, messaging, operations, funding and other critical areas for startups focused on AI and web.

The program finishes with a Virtual Demo Day with participation from leading VCs and angel investors, including more than 1,000 LPs of the Collective’s AngelList Syndicate.  

Cohort members also benefit from in-kind services provided to each project from our Partners.


Areas of Focus at the Intersection of Web3 and AI

We are looking for projects in one or more of the following areas.


Enabling both humans and AI to have immutable identities.


Crypto providing the rails for the AI-to-AI economy.


Aligning AI motivations with Human concerns.


Ensuring all actions an AI takes are known.


Understanding where data came from and who owns it.

AI AS A User Experience (UX)

Creating a new paradigm of access to AI and decentralized technologies that are seemless to the end user.


Blockchains as timelines and a source of truth.

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