The technologies we collectiveLy refer to as Crypto are the biggest thing to happen in the history of mankind and will result In the largest accumulation and redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen.  


We invest in and support the growth of companies paving the way for the new Crypto economy which will be based upon technologies including blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts,  decentralization, and zero knowledge proof.   


Made in NYC



We believe that the current expansion and increasing velocity of businesses happening now is the precursor to the fastest creation and redistribution of wealth ever experienced by mankind.

We are going to leverage our experience in the technology and emerging markets with the latest data-driven analytics to invest in and advise the companies and cryptocurrency issuers that will form the core of the opportunities presented by this once in a life time paradigm shift.













James Haft

Co-Founder, CryptoOracle

James Haft has 30 years experience in emerging markets and early-stage finance in tech. Since 2015, James has focussed on the political, social and economic impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including advising 7 ICOs and co-founding ClimateCoin. He has been advisor to over 50 Internet and Venture-backed entities, mentored at 500 Startups and TechStars, co-founded NXTPLabs.com, the leading accelerator in Latin America for Internet-related companies, founded Pacific Alliance Limited, LLC, an NY-based merchant bank focussed on Internet-related businesses, and founded an early-stage VC fund.  

Previously, James was the M.D. of Latin American Equity Capital Markets at INGBarings, founder and M.D. of Emerging Markets Investment Banking at Furman Selz,  and M.D. of Asian Investment Banking in Hong Kong for Bear Stearns, where he was responsible for the first listing of a Chinese company on the NYSE. WeForest.org.

Mr. Haft received an A.B. from Vassar College and a J.D./MBA from Emory University. James is co-Founder and board member emeritus to UrbanArts.org and Chairman of USA of WeForest.org.


Lou Kerner

Co-Founder, CryptoOracle

Lou Kerner is a Founding Partner of CryptoOracle, a VC and Advisory firm focused exclusively on companies leveraging blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts and decentralization.  Lou has been a Crypto enthusiast, investor, and thought leader since 2013, and is recognized as one of the most influential Crypto bloggers.  Lou regularly hosts conference calls with Crypto industry innovators attended by hundreds of crypto enthusiasts from around the world.    

Lou was previously  a Partner at the decentralized VC, Flight, where he managed The Israel Founders Syndicate, which invested in tech companies founded by Israelis.  Prior to Flight VC, Lou was the Managing Partner of The Social Internet Fund, which invested in shares of rapidly growing tech companies. Before SIF, Lou was an angel investor, best known for investing in Facebook and writing the first Wall Street style research report on the company in 2010.

Before angel investing, Lou ran Bolt (the largest social network before MySpace), and .tv, which commercialized the top level domain (.tv) licensed from the nation of Tuvalu.

Lou had a distinguished career as an equity analyst following media & tech companies for Goldman Sachs & Merrill Lynch. 

Lou has a B.A. from U.C.L.A. and an MBA from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.  


Our Advisory Board


Dr. Alex Cahana

Dr. Cahana has over 25 years in clinical medicine and has served as a theme developer for ARK Investment and Management since 2014

Dr. Cahana consults national and international companies, start-ups and healthcare payors on digital therapies, digiceutical integration and healthcare redesign.


James Dix

James is a Senior Research Analyst covering the media sector at Wedbush Securities, which maintains broad equity research coverage of the TMT sector.


Dele Atanda

Dele Atanda is founder and CEO of Digitteria Ltd a pioneering personal data start-up whose aim is to become the world’s most trusted personal data solution provider.

He’s a fintech and crypto-economy theorist, a cyber visionary and an advocate for a more compassionate, empathetic and harmonious world.


Betsy Atkins

Betsy is a 3 time CEO and serial entrepreneur co-founding enterprise software companies in the energy, healthcare and networking industries.  

She scaled companies through hyper growth, and led companies to successful IPO and acquisitions such as Clear Standards bought by SAP and Ascend Communications, $5B in revenue acquired by Lucent for $23B.  


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 January 7, Crypto Monday, Bagatelle NYC

January 7, Crypto Monday, Bagatelle NYC


For 2018, we're bringing together people who are passionate about Crypto. CRYPTO MONDAYS are open to everyone, find jobs, hire new talent, make new friends and develop plans to make the world a better place. just come by and say hello. 

See All Our Locations HERE

Many more cities to follow, if interested in hosting a Crypto Mondays event, please email us



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Blockchain week nyc

may 10th to may 17th



Monday, May 17th - Fireside Chat  Token Economics

Reserve your spot HERE:

  Dr. Cathy Barrera   Co-founder and Chief Economist, Prysm Group  Chief Economist, Zip Recruiter  Lead Writer & Industry Expert, MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab

Dr. Cathy Barrera

Co-founder and Chief Economist, Prysm Group

Chief Economist, Zip Recruiter

Lead Writer & Industry Expert, MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab

Thursday, May 17th and Friday, May 18th

  Kendrick Nguyen   CEO & Co-Founder of Republic  Previously General Counsel of AngelList  Fellow of Stanford University’s Center for Corporate Governance  Founding Advisor of CoinList

Kendrick Nguyen

CEO & Co-Founder of Republic

Previously General Counsel of AngelList

Fellow of Stanford University’s Center for Corporate Governance

Founding Advisor of CoinList

CryptoOracle will be participating at the City Blockchain Alternative Capital Summit.  Take 15% off when you register using code CPTO15.  There are a few sponsorship packages still available if you are interested.