Business Insider: SPiCE VC Launches Securitize

SPiCE VC Launches Securitize; First Platform Enabling Regulation-Compliant Security Token ICOs, Announces Client ICOs Targeting Half a Billion Dollars Out of the Gate

Jan. 18, 2018, 04:00 AM

SAN FRANCISCO and MIAMI, Jan. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SPiCE VC, disruptors of venture capital with the blockchain, announced today at BTC Miami the launch of Securitize, the world's first platform on blockchain to enable clients like 22X Fund (batch 22 of 500 Startups),, and to seamlessly issue security tokens. Securitize is a customizable service and platform that seeks to automate compliance with Regulation A, D, CF, in the US and other regulations per country globally, and provide simple tools to accelerate and support security token ICOs.

The Securitize platform enables the tokenization of assets to make tokens tradable and increase their liquidity, as well as to achieve greater scalability of the offering and the opportunity for more investors to invest in them within regulations. Securitize helps streamline token offerings with technology and access to the industry's first turnkey solution for tokenizing ownership globally.

"It's inevitable that security tokens will transform equity just as Bitcoin has transformed currency, because they afford the owner a direct, liquid economic interest and the expedited delivery of proceeds," said Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SPiCE VC and Co-Founder and Chairman of Securitize. "Every type of ownership can be tokenized, which is a massive multi-trillion dollar addressable market."

Originally developed for SPiCE VC's ongoing ICO, the Securitize platform offers brands both the flexibility and robust back-end to manage all types of potential investors in a capital raise by the token issuer. With built-in KYC/AML, accreditation and high security standards including multiple audits for both the platform and the crypto wallets, Securitize is transforming the way funds and capital for companies and assets is raised and managed. 

"22X Fund is the first crypto offering of its kind - a security token backed by equity in 30 companies, all alumni of the 500 Startups Seed Accelerator program. We're excited to launch our token on the Securitize platform, as it facilitates access and increases investors' potential for liquidity," said Ashwini Anburajan, Founder of OpenUp, a 22X portfolio company. "Crypto is rapidly evolving and now with equity and other assets underpinning the issuance of digital currencies, it's gaining in trust and credibility across the globe."

"We are excited to partner with Securitize to bring the token sale to the market," said Tony Dimatteo, CEO of "The Securitize platform and capabilities far exceed the scale and scope of other platforms we've seen, and they add a tremendous amount of knowledge, compliance, and sophistication to bring about a successful security token offering."

"We are at the beginning of a revolution. is a global face recognition provider -- and now, the Securitize platform will enable us to be global in our funding as well. We can be valued by the strength of our idea and our execution of that idea, by a broader investor community. This changes everything," said Brian Brackeen, CEO of

"CryptoOracle will be investing in the best Crypto companies from around the world. So as a global fund, we are solving to be a globally regulation-compliant, tokenized, tradable fund," said Lou Kerner, CEO and Co-Founder of CryptoOracle. "Securitize provided us a complete solution that is enabling us to bring a liquid fund to market in a matter of a few weeks."

Securitize platform services include:

  • Custom (Branded) Website: A place for new investors to sign up, register and follow each ICO throughout the campaign. The website includes a dashboard that serves as the hub for each investor, with a blog and an "about us" section that has background on all the key players. Securitize tracks website metrics (traffic, mailing list success rate, number of investors and their status, total funds raised, etc.) to ensure that everyone is fully informed.

  • Management Back-End: This enables a company's team (or Securitize on their behalf) to manage the ICO process and country-specific legal documents, as well as to manage incoming investors and walk them through the entire process. Includes KYC/AML approvals; creation of third-party crypto wallets; investor accreditation; ICO documentation; a decentralized liquidity option based on the Bancor Network (ensures increased liquidity from day one); a hub for email notifications and mailings to share news and manage investor activity after the token sale; token issuance and access to smart contracts and legal IP on how to treat security tokens by jurisdiction; access to a document management system and much more.

To learn more about the Securitize offering, please visit

About SPiCE VC
SPiCE is tokenizing the world. SPiCE VC invests in ICOs and their infrastructure. By being the first entity in the world to tokenize its own securities on a globally regulation-compliant platform, SPiCE not only delivers liquidity to its own investors, but also leads the way in the second wave of ICOs – the reinvention of ownership and tokenization of over a trillion dollars of illiquid assets. Read more at   

About Securitize
Securitize is the first platform that enables globally regulation-compliant tokenization of securities. The platform is available now, and delivers end-to-end tokenization of any fund, company, or asset.  Companies such as 22X Fund (Batch 22 of 500 Startups),, and work with Securitize to seamlessly tokenize their securities, raise capital, enable increased investor liquidity, and deliver value to token holders in innovative ways. Read more at